Tips for Camping

7 Tips for Camping for The First Time

Tips for Camping: There are a lot of tips to go camping for the first time, but I venture to summarize them, because, if you are amateur in this activity, you are not for many sermons. In my case, it took me several years to take the step.

7 Tips for Camping for The First Time

I thought that camping was synonymous with an exhausting vacation, where work exceeded the amount and capacity for relaxation. How wrong I was! Camping is synonymous with health (you breathe fresh air, and in the day you expose yourself to the sun, a wonderful source of vitamin D), entertainment and peace. There’s nothing like enjoying nature in full action! If you venture, take into account these seven camping tips for the first time.

Tips for Camping

1. The Place

I once read that when camping for the first time, one should not select a place far away, because in case one does not like the experience, he could return home soon. I live in Miami, and I selected Ginnie Springs, a park with beautiful water springs about five hours from Miami. The park offers many activities that all family members can do, such as going on floats to navigate the river, paddle boats, kayaks, fishing areas, snorkeling, and even diving. In addition to volleyball courts, soccer … In short! Since we arrived, there were plenty of things to do.

2. The Team

When camping, the idea is not to pack so much, to the point that loading and unloading the car becomes torture, but neither should you pass needs. In general, the parks of the United States have grills for cooking. So why load a Churriguera? If in the park you have a supply store, why bring firewood from the house? In my case, the two best things I packed were the sleeping tent and a tent to eat. Both were very easy to assemble and comfortable. Although we were only going to sleep six in my tent, I took one for ten people, and it was a good decision because I discovered that in the box of the tents they put the capacity of people who will sleep, but “pegmatites”. The tent that I chose, also had a small porch in the entrance, which gave us even more space.

  • The importance of two tents when going camping
  • Carry two tents: one to eat, one to sleep.

3. The Preparation

Investigate as much as you can. Although we did it, we lacked some details. For example 1) we did not set up the tent at home, to practice how it was done; and 2) we did not spray a waterproof liquid because we were sure it was not going to rain. It turned out that, just when we were assembling it, it rained! And we lost valuable time because we did not have practice. The friends who went with us, set up their tent in less time because they had already tried how to do it before the trip.

4. The Company

Choose consensual friends more than spoiled, in a few words friendly and considerate. That was one of the best hits of my encampment! My friend Ziomara Belete, who was my tent neighbor, turned out to be the best company: we borrowed pans, we shared food. And, since she’s a much better cook than me, I ended up winning.

5. The Food

As you know that there will always be trinkets on holiday, we decided to counteract the temptations including healthy and easy to prepare foods. In advance we prepared a “healthy” menu: churrasco for the first day, turkey burgers for the second, sandwiches afterward… and lots of salad! A good freezer, family size, with ice that we renewed thanks to the supply store of the park, allowed us to eat vegetables daily.

6. The Attitude

One of the main obstacles that I had to overcome before launching into the camping adventure was my attitude. I thought it was uncomfortable, and-above all-I wondered where we would find a bathroom if we were in an open field? It turned out that we camped near a bathroom and that the park kept it perfectly clean.

7. Prepare to be Amazed

The prints that nature gives us when we have it up close is priceless (as the credit card advertising says). I still have in my mind the glow of my mother’s eyes, my husband and my nephew’s face in front of the bonfire, or how perfectly lit the sky looked in the middle of nature. One night, while we were talking after dinner, I saw how the current of the river in front of us began to shine. It was like dragging a stream of stars. “They are electric fish!” Exclaimed someone. It looked like a scene from a Disney movie. For experiences like that, I tell you: If you go camping, get ready to be amazed.

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