Garden Wheelbarrow

Garden Wheelbarrow Test 2019: The Best Wheelbarrows Comparison

Garden Wheelbarrow Test: Welcome to our large garden cart Test 2019. Here we show you all of us closer tested Garden weighing. We have put together detailed background information and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

Garden Wheelbarrow Test

We want to make your purchase easier and help you find the best garden cart for you. Also on frequently asked questions, you will find answers in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find on this page some important information that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a garden cart.

The Essentials in Brief

  • A garden cart makes it easier for you to work in the garden. As a means of transport, you can also use it during camping, picnics or for example on the beach
  • Basically, you can decide between the following variants: tiltable wheelbarrows, folding or collapsible wheelbarrows, wheelbarrows with seat and garden wheelbarrows for children
  • The price depends among other things on the desired load of the garden cart

Garden wheelbarrow Test: The Ranking

1st place: GUDE – Gartenwagen GGW 250

The garden cart from the company GÜDE convinces in every respect. The car can be loaded with up to 250kg. Its tilt function simplifies working in the garden.

The tub is made of plastic and is easy to clean. In addition, the garden cart according to buyers and buyers due to its low weight, easy to pull through the garden.

2nd place: Sekey foldable garden cart with brakes

This garden cart is a real all-rounder. Both in the garden, as well as on day trips or shopping a great companion.

The wheels of the garden cart are extremely thick, which is why the car can be used on any surface according to the provider. During a trip to the beach, he can also help with transport. Then the car can be easily and quickly folded and placed in the car.

The brakes facilitate driving on uneven ground. The pack is removable and can be washed.

The garden cart is available in the variants black, light gray and blue.

3rd place: TRI – roll seat

The seat allows mobile work in the garden. Thanks to its four wheels, it can be moved easily and with little effort. The mobile garden cart for sitting is a special kind of garden aid.

The roller seat is particularly convincing with the fact that working in the garden is knee- and back-friendly. The tool can easily be placed on the shelf below the seat.

Up to 130kg holds the seat and is therefore extremely stable and robust.

Guides: Questions to deal with before buying a garden cart

What advantages does a garden cart offer?

A garden cart can be used in many ways. As a practical means of transport, he is not only used in gardening.

Who likes to work in his own garden and, for example, when weeding a practical aid needed, found this in the garden cart.

A garden cart can be pulled over different surfaces and can hold up to 500kg. Thus, it can also be used for larger gardening, such as woodwork.

When using a garden cart, you can let your imagination run wild!

Due to the versatile applications, you can use the garden cart as a normal wagon and transport it with picnic equipment or beach equipment.

How much weight should the garden cart be able to carry?

A garden cart can withstand a lot of weight. However, there are also smaller variants that cost less and can carry less weight.

Of course, if you know that the garden cart is only used for smaller jobs, you do not need a big car. Here also extends a 75-liter garden trailer.

Basically, a garden cart can carry up to 500kg and therefore offers more options. Stones, several crates and wood can be transported easily and quickly with such a device.

How much is a garden cart?

As already described, there are garden wheelbarrows in different sizes or filling volumes.

The size therefore also affects the price. But not only the size, but also the type of garden cart determines the price.

Where can I buy a garden cart?

There are many shops for a garden cart. Both online and at a local store.

Amazon already offers a wide selection of garden wheelbarrows, but other dealers sell good products.

Which alternatives are there for a garden cart?

As an alternative applies to the classic wheelbarrow, as well as a wagon. A wheelbarrow should be used especially on ground level terrain. In addition, you should make sure that the wheelbarrow is not loaded too full, so you protect your back.

As an alternative but even better suited is not the classic variant of the wheelbarrow, but the electric. This not only takes a lot of bones from you but also has in some cases a tilt function that makes gardening easier and projects faster.

A wagon is virtually the predecessor of the garden cart. There are no big differences to a garden cart. Sometimes the terms are also used interchangeably.

The decisive difference is that of the material. A wagon is usually made of wood, while a garden cart is composed of a plastic tub and metal.

Decision: What types of garden wheelbarrows are there and which one is right for you?

Before you buy a garden cart, you should inform yourself about the different variants of the garden helper. The following options are usually available to you:

  • Tiltable garden cart
  • Garden wheelbarrow for children
  • Roll-seat garden cart
  • Foldable garden cart

All these variants have different characteristics, which we will explain in more detail below. In summary, you will find our results in a clear breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

What distinguishes a tiltable garden cart and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A tiltable garden cart allows easy tipping the tub.

However, depending on the model, the tipping function is not designed for the maximum weight of the garden cart. This means that there are models that can be loaded with up to 300kg, but in the tilt function is designed only for 125kg.

Therefore, be careful when loading and tilting in everyday use.

Otherwise, a tiltable garden cart is an ideal companion for small gardening. Especially when mowing or woodworking, this function proves to be extremely practical. You save both time and annoying bending over while working.

What distinguishes a garden cart for children and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Not only adults can enjoy a garden cart. Even children will find much favor with a smaller version.

The peculiarities are quickly explained: Everything in miniature. A garden cart for children has the same structure as the “big one”. The capacity is here, however, usually only 600g.

In addition, this car is not necessarily suitable for gardening. Most of the garden cart is sold to children rather than children’s toys.

What is a garden cart with a seat and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A garden cart with seat is usually referred to as a rolling seat. It allows working while sitting and provides space for the most important garden tools.

The rolling seat is therefore ideal for performing ground or hedge work. Without constant stooping, you can work back and kneel.

With up to 130kg, the seat is very resilient. Below the seat is a small cargo area attached. There you can stow all necessary utensils, so you have every tool always at hand.

What distinguishes a folding garden cart and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A folding garden cart can be folded up. Therefore, the car has no tub but is equipped with a clamped bag and additionally often an easily disassembled lattice framework.

The bag can also be removed after folding. This can therefore also be used during shopping. This garden cart is an all-around talent!

By folding the garden, cart saves a lot of space. However, this does not affect the carrying capacity. This is on average 80kg.

The car can also be used for picnicking or shopping. He can also be taken to the beach or camping. The bag is usually made of waterproof polyester.

Purchase criteria: These factors allow you to compare and rate garden wheelbarrows In this section, we have summarized the criteria that you should consider before buying a garden cart.

These are divided as follows:

  • capacity
  • tilt
  • bikes
  • material


Garden wheelbarrows are available in different versions. Particularly striking are the individual quantities of the carts.


The tilting function of a garden cart we have already presented to you. What you should pay attention to when buying, is the reduction in the carrying capacity when you tilt your car. So if you are already sure that you will often use the tipping function and want to carry heavy loads, you should tend towards a larger variant.

This is a decisive advantage over wheelbarrows, which can indeed be tilted, but require more power and, moreover, can usually transport only lower loads.

While the wheelbarrow is therefore suitable for lighter tasks in the garden, the hard work should rather be left to the garden cart.


The nature of the wheels affects the application of the garden cart.

The pneumatic tires can also be pulled over small stairs or sleepers. The soft tires can also be pulled over uneven terrain.


The material of the garden cart depends on which garden cart variant you would like to buy.

If you buy a collapsible garden cart, the removable carrying case is usually made of polyester. The framework of the car is made of steel.

A “classic” garden cart has a plastic tub. The framework is made of metal.

  • Trivia: Facts worth knowing about the garden cart
  • Are there essay tarpaulins for my garden cart?
  • Yes, there are attachments for garden wheelbarrows.

Güde offers attachment tarpaulins for its garden wheelbarrows. These are available on the one hand for the garden cart with the filling capacity of 250kg and 300kg.

Alternatively, you can, of course, put a large plastic bag in your garden cart, so you can easily transport lawn waste or the like.

Where can I find a construction manual for my garden cart?

If you have misplaced the construction manual for your garden cart, you can look it up online. Guide has provided the instructions online. If you want to install a new spare part, that’s no problem.

Are there spare wheels for my garden cart?

Yes, they exist. Buying spare wheels for a garden cart is not a problem. If a bike breaks within the warranty period, you can have the bike replaced by the manufacturer. Customers report fast support with broken wheels.

If you notice that you would rather have thicker or thinner tires for your garden cart, you can also buy the corresponding wheels yourself.

Can I build a garden cart myself?

If you want, you can also build a garden cart yourself. However, if you want to enjoy the peculiarities of a tiltable or collapsible garden cart, the simpler option is, of course, the “normal” purchase of a garden cart.

The price-performance ratio is very good for a purchased garden cart since the carts are usually at least 3 years in use.